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QLab 4.1.2 Release Notes

July 27, 2017

FIXED: A long-standing bug where wall clock triggers would stop working if they were not set to run every day of the week. (Sorry it took so long to fix this one.)

FIXED: Using hotkeys while the Audition window has focus will no longer trigger system alert sounds.

FIXED: The Geometry inspector for a Fade cue targeting a Video cue will now show the cue's anchor point.

FIXED: Problems that could occur when editing values via mouse dragging (particularly for video geometry) when multiple cues are selected.

FIXED: A crash that could occur when starting up a Blackmagic output device.

FIXED: The license manager window will now properly display all installed licenses even if you launch QLab while disconnected from the internet. (The licenses were still there before, but you couldn’t see them.)

FIXED: Licenses installed to USB drives will no longer stick around in the License Manager window after they expire.

FIXED: QLab will attempt to detect a kernel extension that interferes with the operation of USB-DMX lighting interfaces, and warn you if it is discovered.

FIXED: Creating new Light cues from the dashboard will no longer lose light commands in the light cue template — dashboard commands will now correctly be appended to the light cue template.

FIXED: Cue cart buttons will now show the elapsed action time for cues that have an infinite duration.

FIXED: A few other small display bugs.

FIXED: Editing the slices via the new OSC / AppleScript commands in 4.1 should now work for Video cues instead of just Audio cues.

FIXED: The AppleScript command to make cue lists or cue carts.

FIXED / CHANGED: Renamed several Text cue AppleScript properties introduced in v4.1.0 to fix scripts broken by collisions with existing AppleScript operators and commands.

  • “text format record” renames the property “word” to “wordIndex”
  • “range record” renames the properties “offset” and “length” to “rangeOffset” and “rangeLength”