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QLab 4.1.4 Release Notes

October 18, 2017


FIXED: A crash that could occur on 10.12 and above because Apple moved saving to a background thread.

FIXED: A bug that prevented you from being able to import Go Button files in v4.1.

ADDED: Support for importing shows created in Go Button 3.1 and newer.

ADDED: Support for “key files”, for our site license friends. Contact support to learn more about this tool for easily installing licenses in automated deployments.


FIXED: It is now possible to view the universe parameter of instruments using a USB DMX device even when that device is disconnected.

FIXED: Scan for additional kernel extensions that can prevent QLab from working with USB DMX devices.

ADDED: You may now optionally update light cue commands when renaming light patch items.


FIXED: A video issue that could cause QLab to crash on launch. While this problem was not unique to mac OS 10.13 High Sierra, a change in this OS made it much more common. But now it’s fixed!

FIXED: An issue that could cause QLab to crash when a video target file was reloaded because the file changed.