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QLab 4.1.5 Release Notes

November 27, 2017

FIXED: Don’t lose edits in certain inspector text views (Script, OSC, MIDI SysEx, etc) if switching focus to another application.

FIXED: When viewing a cue list in a separate window, resizing the “number” or “target” column will now stick.

FIXED: Some cases where the “move to next/previous cue sequence” commands would not do the right thing.

FIXED: A bug that prevented being able to set the current playback time on a Text cue in the Active Cues List.

FIXED: Don’t allow dragging a cue or a file on to a cue list or cue cart, thus potentially retargeting every cue in the list or cart.

FIXED: Don’t show the “loaded” status icon if a cue is broken.

FIXED: A bug in the OSC "/patchList" command that caused QLab Remote to show the audio slider "live" status on the wrong audio channels if an audio patch used customized Device Routing.

FIXED: A bug that caused cues that should not respond to a given OSC command to return an invalid response when that command was sent to multiple cues at once.

FIXED: An issue that caused Audio cues to drop samples when started using the Cart play button or the the Time & Loops inspector tab "Preview" button.

FIXED: A bug where QLab would beachball when viewing a cart with many cues in it in a separate window.

FIXED: A bug that would cause the inspector to show the wrong cue if you clicked with the mouse to change the selection while in show mode and then switched to edit mode. (Yes, it’s…sort of confusing. But now: fixed.)

FIXED: Video surfaces with active Syphon output will now properly publish changes to the surface name.

FIXED: Various additional bug fixes, some which prevent crashes.

CHANGED: Improved filtering for the Art-Net Lighting Interface preference to avoid confusing USB DMX devices with Art-Net devices.

CHANGED: Removed the option to hold down the shift key to insert new cues before instead of after selection. This feature interfered with existing workflows in a number of cases, and caused more trouble than it was worth.

ADDED: Additional compatibility when importing shows created in Go Button 3.1 and newer.

ADDED: A “Reset Origin” button in the surface editor, shown when there is no video license installed.

ADDED: Workspaces now respond to the new AppleScript commands: movePlayheadUp, movePlayheadDown, movePlayheadUpASequence, movePlayheadDownASequence

ADDED: Group cues now respond to the new AppleScript commands: expand and collapse. (Which changes their displayed state in the cue list.)