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QLab 4.2.5 Release Notes

July 5, 2018

FIXED: The video surface grid will now display on the first attempt to show it, rather than the second.

FIXED: Issues with the audio matrix UI introduced by changes made for accessibility. (This reverts some accessibility enhancements to the audio matrix, which we’ll reimplement again in a different way.)

FIXED: A bug that could cause the mouse cursor to permanently disappear when dragging in a volume level field.

FIXED: A bug that prevented being able to edit MIDI Trigger byte value text when the field contained non-integer text, e.g. "any" or ">100".

FIXED: A bug with how Fade cues displayed the post wait time in the list of active cues.

FIXED: A Quartz Composer composition lacking the required input and output properties will no longer lead to a crash.

FIXED: The help label in the Network cue now localizes the fractional number to match your locale.

CHANGED: When capturing a message to create a MIDI trigger, the cue inspector now ignores MIDI pitch wheel messages.

ADDED: The column widths in the Light Dashboard and Light cue Levels Inspector are now saved and restored.