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QLab 4.3.4 Release Notes

November 5, 2018

Changes from 4.3.4

FIXED: Timeline groups that have a pre-wait will now load to the correct time when clicking inside the timeline.

FIXED: Tiles in the Light Dashboard will now be refreshed correctly if a section of tiles has been collapsed.

FIXED: The AppleScript command to safe sort light cue commands now works.

FIXED: The Record Cue Sequence window will now work when using independent cue list windows.

FIXED: Video cues will now use the levels set in their Cue Template when setting a new target and setting default levels.

FIXED: The “duck by" level and MIDI Trigger Byte 1 stepper interface now work properly when batch editing multiple cues.

FIXED: Fancy-pasting audio effects to multiple cues now works.

FIXED: Improved batch adjustment of audio/video rate.

FIXED: An issue that could cause QLab to crash when quitting the application.

CHANGED: The popover window for choosing light definitions is now wider and supports scrolling horizontally.

ADDED: QLab now draws integrated fade curves on top of waveforms in the timeline view.

ADDED: Timeline view now supports more workspace-level hotkeys: Pause All, Resume All, Pause/Resume Selected.

ADDED: AppleScript property “parent list” for cues, which returns the parent cue list (or cue cart) that contains the cue.

ADDED: A warning label to the “Logs” tab of the Status window, to make it clear if the MIDI and OSC inputs or controls are currently disabled in the workspace.