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QLab 4.4.4 Release Notes

April 9, 2019

FIXED: A bug related to video effects with color pickers.

FIXED: Dragging video effects parameters will now work better with undo.

FIXED: Dragging video effects text fields will no longer cause the mouse to freeze.

FIXED: Custom Quartz Composer files on Text and Camera cues are now included when bundling.

FIXED: You can no longer drag cues between lists and carts when in show mode.

FIXED: OSC method /cue/{number}/cartPosition now returns a valid position immediately after dragging a cue from a cue list to a cart, which fixes a bug that prevented those cues from sometimes appearing in a cart in QLab Remote.

FIXED: A bug that prevented OSC method /move from working without the /workspace/{id} prefix.

ADDED: The Find tool now includes the contents of Light cues among its results.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the Panasonic PT-DS20K, PT-DW17, PT-DZ21K, and PT-RZ120 projectors.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the Robe T1 Profile and T1 Profile FS.

ADDED: Support for H.265 (HEVC) video codec. Please refer to our video codec recommendations; while HEVC is now supported, it is not recommended for optimal performance.