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QLab Remote

Effortless remote editing for QLab.


QLab Remote is the iOS companion app for remote control of QLab, the award-winning live show control software for macOS. You can flag cues as you sit in tech rehearsal, adjust audio levels from the front row, and even change the geometry of a video from the stage. QLab Remote requires QLab 3 or later.

Ready for QLab 4

  • An all-new design that looks great on all devices and supports iPad Split View mode.
  • New Pre Wait, Action, and Post Wait progress time for all cues.
  • Show or hide the GO and transport buttons.
  • Includes a new "Read-Only Mode" to watch a workspace without worrying about accidentally triggering or editing a cue.
  • Attach a keyboard and navigate with shortcuts familiar to QLab power users.
  • See the notes for the current playhead cue on the main cue list screen.
QLab Remote Surface Editor

Mobile Surface Editor

Complete control, at a distance or up close.

Say goodbye to squinting at distant video projections through tech booth windows. Now you can fine-tune your video surface control points from the comfort of, well, anywhere.

QLab Remote Cue Cart

Handheld Cart

Drumroll please…

Intract with the cue carts you’ve built in QLab 4, wherever you go and with a touchable interface.

New Features for QLab 4

  • Adjust your video surface's control points.
  • Create new cues and reorder existing cues in both cue lists and carts.
  • Edit audio input and output crosspoints.
  • Browse and select a new cue file target from available media files on your Mac.
  • New Triggers and Light Levels inspector panels.


  • Adds playing, loaded, paused, broken, and panicking status indicators for cues and cue lists.
  • Adds "Load to time" and quick access to "Undo", "Redo", and "Save Workspace".
  • Improves how the cue list displays Group cues.
  • Adds inspector panels for Audio Levels and Devamp settings on iPhone.
  • "Disconnect" now prompts for confirmation, with the option to cancel an accidental disconnect.


  • Automatically finds any QLab workspace on the network.
  • Updates in QLab are instantly reflected in QLab Remote and vice versa.
  • Quickly flag and edit notes for cues.
  • Easily switch between cue lists.
  • Watch active cues update in real-time.
  • Edit basic properties for all cues, such as name, number, notes, color, armed, flagged, etc.
  • Adjust audio levels and patches for audio, mic, and video cues.
  • Change display geometry for video, text, and camera cues.
  • Swipe-right to change the playback position.
  • Swipe-left to access more editing options.
  • Double-tap a cue to quickly edit it.
  • Long-press a cue to move it in the cue list. (Requires QLab 4)

System Compatibility

QLab Remote requires iOS 9.0 or later and QLab 3 or 4.

  • iPad 2 or newer (including iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro)
  • iPhone 4s or newer
  • iPod touch (5th generation) or newer