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QLab Remote 4.5.0 Release Notes

September 9, 2019

ADDED: The display text size now adjusts according to the system Dynamic Type preferred size set in Settings > Accessibility.

ADDED: A new Preferences screen to the "gear" menu, with the option to set a custom text size just for QLab Remote independent from the Dynamic Type size.

ADDED: The ability to show all 4 transport buttons in landscape on most iPhone models (4.0" display and larger).

ADDED: Haptic feedback on supported devices to more buttons in Light Tools.

FIXED: Improves the reliability of loading-to-time when dragging the progress slider of a cue in Active Cues.

FIXED: Improves the smoothness of audio level sliders and draggable text fields.

FIXED: Improves the layout of the Light Tools > Dashboard Keypad in landscape on smaller iPhone models.

FIXED: A bug that could cause cues to fail to respond to update messages from QLab when first connecting to a workspace.

FIXED: A bug that could cause cart cues to become unresponsive after switching to another cart.

FIXED: A bug that caused the Active Cues list to display the incorrect playback position for Audio or Video cues that contain audio slices.

FIXED: A bug that caused the on-deck view to reappear if it was hidden when the device rotated.

FIXED: A bug when tapping the "gear" navbar button in the Light cue inspector that caused the "Add Command..." popover menu to appear instead of the Actions menu.

New when connected to QLab 4.5 or later:

ADDED: Support for Light cue instruments with virtual parameters.

ADDED: Light Tools are now aware of instruments that are unpatched or have patch conflicts.

ADDED: A "Set Levels..." popup button to the Audio Levels inspector panel enabling "Set Default Levels" and "Set All Silent Levels" in Audio, Mic, & Video cues, and "Set from Target" and "Set All Silent Levels" for Fade cues.

ADDED: A "Set Geometry from Target" button to the Geometry inspector panel of Fade cues.