Still Using QLab 3?

You can use a new QLab 4 license in QLab 3.2 or later:

  1. Download the current version of QLab 3 here:
  2. Launch QLab and go to the "QLab" → "Manage Licenses..." menu.
  3. Log in and install your QLab 4 license in QLab 3

A QLab 4 license will unlock the same features as the corresponding QLab 3 license. For example, if you buy a QLab 4 Pro Audio License, it will unlock the same features that a QLab 3 Pro Audio license did.

If you have a QLab 3 license file from a previous purchase (i.e. before we introduced the new account-based system), it will continue to work as before in any version of QLab 3 (including 3.2 or later).


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