QLab Remote

QLab Remote is an iOS app, available on the App Store, that can connect to QLab to remotely view, edit, and run cues. You can run QLab Remote on any iOS device running iOS 9.0 or later.

Getting Started

To begin, the iOS device running QLab Remote and the Mac running QLab must be on the same local network, and must be able to "see" each other. If you have a firewall on the network, it must be configured to permit traffic on ports 53000 and 53001.

Alternately, if you're using QLab 4.1 or later, you can connect your iOS device to the Mac running QLab using a Lightning to USB cable, or a 30-pin to USB cable for older iOS devices.

Whether you're connecting via a network or via USB tethering, your QLab workspace must also be set to use OSC controls, which can be set in the OSC Controls section of Workspace Settings. OSC controls are turned on by default in all QLab workspaces.

With your devices connected to the network, and your workspace open on your Mac, launching QLab Remote will give you this screen:

Connect To QLab

QLab Remote will automatically "see" any workspaces open on your Mac via Bonjour, and you can simply tap to connect. If you have a unusual network setup, you can tap "Other" to directly enter the IP address of the Mac running QLab.

A Tour Of QLab Remote

QLab Remote

The bottom of the main display shows the familiar GO button, standby indicator, notes field, and transport buttons (reset, pause all, resume all, stop all) from QLab.

Above this is the cue list, which works exactly like the cue list display in QLab. To move the playhead, swipe right on a cue:

Move playhead

To edit a cue, swipe left to reveal four edit buttons:

Edit cue

Above the cue list is a toolbar showing the name of the workspace, the name of the currently displayed cue list, and the name of the Mac that QLab Remote is connected to. Surrounding this label are four tools.

Workspace Actions

Tapping on the Workspace Actions menu () reveals eight actions:

Workspace Actions

  • Show/Hide Toolbox. Tap to show or hide the toolbox in the cue list view. The toolbox works just like the toolbox in QLab; you use it to add new cues to your cue list.
  • Save Workspace has the exact same effect as choosing Save on the Mac.
  • Undo has the exact same effect as choosing Undo on the Mac.
  • Redo has the exact same effect as choosing Redo on the Mac.
  • Lock playhead to selection lets you toggle this setting from QLab Remote. You can learn more about the setting from the General section of the page on Workspace Settings in this documentation.
  • Enable/disable Read-Only Mode. When QLab Remote is in Read-Only mode, you cannot start or stop cues, move the playhead, or change any attributes of any cues, except flags and notes. Read-Only mode is intended to be used, for example, by a designer during a run-through or preview performance. In this situation, it can be desirable to edit notes and flag or unflag cues, but disallow any other editing.
  • Edit Surfaces. If your workspaces has any video surfaces, and you have a Pro Video or Pro Bundle license installed, you can make basic edits to surface geometry using QLab Remote. See below for more details.
  • Disconnect. Tap here to disconnect QLab Remote from the current workspace.

Load To Time

Load To Time

The Load To Time () tool works just like the Load To Time tool in QLab.

Resize Controls

The Resize Controls () button allows you to resize the footer, the GO button, and the transport controls.

Resize Controls

Tap the button to reveal the resize controls, then tap and drag them to arrange them as you prefer. You can enlarge, shrink, or entirely hide the GO button and transport controls, hide the entire footer, and so forth. Tap the button again to finish.

Cue Lists

The Cue Lists () menu allows you to switch between the lists and carts in your workspace.

Cue Lists

The last item in the Cue Lists menu is Active Cues, which is similar to the Active Cues display in QLab's sidebar.

Editing Cues

QLab Remote can edit some attributes of all cues:

Edit basics

You can also make some adjustments to Audio cues, Video cues, and Light cues:

Edit audio levels

Edit video geometry

Edit light levels

Editing Video surfaces

If you have Pro Video or Pro Bundle license installed in QLab, QLab Remote can make basic edits to the geometry of surfaces in your workspace.

Edit surface geometry

You will need to set up the surface on the Mac, but once it's basically set up you can use QLab Remote to make precise adjustments.