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QLab 3.1.10 Release Notes

April 10, 2015

FIXED: A bug that would prevent you from being able to remove surface masks.

FIXED: Changes to surface masks are now undo-able.

FIXED: Broken surface masks will now cause cues to be broken.

FIXED: A bug that prevented clicking on the lower portion of the "Edit Surface" button.

FIXED: Selected surface control point controls are now constrained to valid coordinates, fixing a crash when coordinates were invalid.

FIXED: A condition in which fade cues could crash when saving/loading.

FIXED: You can now enter a value greater than 999% on the opacity field of a relative fade cue.

ADDED: Surfaces can now be dragged between workspaces to make copies.

ADDED: AppleScript property of OSC cues for "osc message type", which can be set to "qlab", "custom", or "udp".

ADDED: OSC command to /panicInTime (duration) on workspaces and cues, e.g.
/panicInTime 5
/cue/10/panicInTime 30