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QLab 3.1.12 Release Notes

June 4, 2015

FIXED: A bug where devamping on the very last slice of a cue could, if delayed by heavy processing, fail to trigger the subsequent cue.

FIXED: A bug that could cause audio to fail to play if a cue was loaded to within 0.1 seconds of the end of an infinite loop that aligned with the end of the file.

FIXED: A bug that could cause QLab to hang or crash when receiving incoming LTC signals.

FIXED: A bug that could cause a video screen to be displayed in the wrong location.

FIXED: An issue that could prevent screens from being removed from a surface.

FIXED: Pausing a video cue during its pre-wait will no longer prevent the cue from playing when it is un-paused.

FIXED: A bug that caused the surface editor to add spurious items to the undo queue.

FIXED: Ensure that the MSC commands STANDBY_+, STANDBY_-, SEQUENCE_+, and SEQUENCE_- properly load the new playback position.

FIXED: A few places where tabbing through text fields of the inspector did not work correctly.

CHANGED: Option-clicking the origin controls in the surface editor now centers the screen in the surface, rather than moving it to the bottom left corner.

ADDED: Blackmagic camera cues will now auto-detect the incoming display mode, if supported by the hardware. (Support varies by model.)

ADDED: The application preferences now include a checkbox where you can enable/disable automatically checking for updates at launch.