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QLab 3.1.16 Release Notes

October 29, 2015

NEW: Updated and expanded documentation!

FIXED: Improved video frame sync between displays.

FIXED: Fade cues which fade audio up from silence now correctly fade up from the minimum decibel level specified for the workspace.

FIXED: Video effects will now be applied and updated correctly on paused cues, still images, or cues that are holding on the last frame.

FIXED: Stability improvements with output from Blackmagic DeckLink devices.

FIXED: Changes to audio effect (Audio Unit) parameters now mark the workspace as edited.

FIXED: The user interface for audio effect (Audio Unit) editing is now sized correctly and updated correctly when resized.

FIXED: A regression that prevented you from clicking to select an individual cue row if it was already part of a multi-row selection.

FIXED: Layout errors in the audio patch editor when the physical device has more channels than QLab can use.

FIXED: "Jump to target" now works even if the target has no cue number.

FIXED: A race condition that could lead to a crash when setting the live text of a titles cue.

FIXED: The Tools menu sometimes showed incorrect copy & paste options for Title, Camera, and Video cues

FIXED: Various other small issues and improvements.

ADDED: You can now copy and paste video geometry from / to Fade cues using the new menu items.

ADDED: The "..." button in the Audio Levels tab of the Audio, Video, and Mic cue inspectors will now open the workspace settings when there is no device associated with the selected patch.