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QLab 4.0.11 Release Notes

May 25, 2017

FIXED: Add support for the HapQ codec.

FIXED: A case where using Blackmagic camera inputs could cause QLab to crash.

FIXED: The mechanism to watch for changes in mask images will now update the surface appropriately if the mask file changes.

FIXED: A crash when updating the light dashboard.

FIXED: A bug in the DMX Status window that meant that it would often not display the final values of a light fade.

FIXED: MIDI triggers for Light cues will now only be captured after you’ve pressed the “capture” button, and not any old time you just happen to be looking at the Triggers tab of the inspector. (Hold up there, eager beaver.)

FIXED: Clarified the warning message if QLab is unable to initialize OSC ports at launch. Now includes an explanation of the most likely cause (two copies of QLab running).

FIXED: Clarified language for the “Close Without Running Cue” option when closing a workspace that has a closing cue.

FIXED: Text edits (e.g. in the Script cue, but also in any text field) will now always be saved if the workspace window loses focus. This prevents losing edits to a cue in cases like switching to another window to refer to API documentation.

FIXED: The AppleScript "play count" property for the Video cue.

FIXED: Audio licenses now properly unlock certain audio features on a video cue if a Video license is not present.

FIXED: A bug that allowed the OSC "/renumber" method to be performed even though a workspace was in Show Mode.