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QLab 4.4.1 Release Notes

January 16, 2019

FIXED: When using the Load to Time slider, the yellow load indicators shown in the cue list are updated.

FIXED: Double clicking the text fields of a cue list in show mode will, again, no longer allow the editing of those fields.

FIXED: Running a Fade cue that only fades audio effects will no longer break the cue if the target audio is not currently loaded.

FIXED: Light Groups are now displayed in proper lexical order in the Light Dashboard.

FIXED: The preview/pause button in the Timeline tab did not reflect the action it would take.

FIXED: A bug when importing a .gobundle file from Go Button that could cause audio files with non-US characters in the file name to fail to be copied to the new workspace's "audio" folder.

ADDED: Instrument definition for the GLP Impression S350.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the following Monoprice Stage Right fixtures: 3-Color LED Light Bar, 3-Color LED Moving Head Light, 3-Color LED PAR-64, Ellipsoidal 60-watt COB LED, Ellipsoidal 180-watt COB RGBW LED, Ellipsoidal 200-watt COB LED, PAR 8-watt x7 RGBW LED, PAR 10-watt x6 RGBW LED IP65, PAR 10-watt x9 RGBW LED, PAR 12-watt x7 RGBAW-UV LED, PAR 15-watt x12 RGBAW LED, PAR 18 Watt x18 RGBWA-UV LED, PAR 18-watt x18 RGBWA-UV LED with zoom, Stage Beam 30-watt LED Moving Head, Stage Wash 10-watt x7 RGBW LED Moving Head, Stage Wash 10-watt x36 LED RGBW Moving Head with zoom, Stage Wash 12-watt x7 LED Moving Head RGBW with zoom, and Truss Wash 3-watt x3 Uplight.

ADDED: Provided information for newer macOS versions about what QLab uses the microphone and camera for.