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QLab 3.1.7 Release Notes

December 8, 2014

FIXED: Fix how surface constraints/shutters work for surfaces with multiple screens, which were broken in 3.1.

FIXED: A number of user interface bugs in the surface editor.

FIXED: Stopping an audio cue with a tail (e.g. reverb) will again let the tail play through.

FIXED: Clicking in audio waveform view when cue is playing now works when cue uses audio effects.

FIXED: More resilient to broken Audio Units.

FIXED: Prioritize the selection of slice handles on the audio waveform when the fade envelope is visible. This makes it less finicky to click and drag slice handles.

FIXED: Miscellaneous other bugs and crashes.

CHANGED: Surface "shutters" have been renamed to "constraints" to avoid confusion with e.g. physical shutters on light fixtures.

ADDED: "Revert Fade Action" tool for fade cues. This immediately reverts any changes the fade has made on the target cue, except for values adjusted by other fade cues since the selected fade ran.

ADDED: When dragging files and directories in from the Finder, QLab will now create group cues for each directory which contain sub-cues for each file in those directories.

ADDED: MIDI channel filter for cue triggers. This allows individual cues to filter incoming MIDI based either on the default (workspace-level) channel, or to be set independently to a custom channel.

ADDED: AppleScript support for setting a cue's MIDI trigger bytes by text, to allow for the greater than (>) and less than (<) operators.

ADDED: Left/right scrolling in audio waveform view.