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QLab 4.1.3 Release Notes

September 14, 2017


FIXED: A bug that prevented the File Target picker from re-opening if the current target file was re-selected in the window.

FIXED: Hotkeys like "Preview", "Load", and "Pause/Resume Selected Cues" work again in the Cue Lists pane.

FIXED: The Cue Lists pane and separate Cue List windows now support "Move Playhead to Next Cue" and "Move Playhead to Previous Cue."

FIXED: When a cue is loaded, the wait time text displayed in the cue list will have higher contrast to help make it a bit more visible against the yellow progress bars.

FIXED: A crash caused by option-clicking a matrix crosspoint in the Fade cue inspector when in “assign gangs” mode.

FIXED: A bug that prevented being able to view the "Triggers" inspector tab for certain cart cues imported from a QCart workspace.

FIXED: Several additional issues when importing a QCart workspace.

ADDED: Support for Hotkey triggers A-Z and 0-9 when importing a QCart workspace.


FIXED: Several issues with MIDI control and MIDI feedback in the Light Dashboard and Light Cue Inspector.

FIXED: MIDI controls can now be properly captured in the Light Patch when the patch is set to listen to the workspace’s MIDI channel.

FIXED: ENTTEC DMX USB Pro devices that do not report a correct device ID should now appear as a available DMX interfaces in the light patch. (QLab does its best to to guess that this is a valid device.)

FIXED: Undo/redo now works when the Light Dashboard is the key window.

ADDED: The visibility and width of columns in the light patch editor is now saved.


FIXED: A video performance issue related to over-aggressive querying of screen properties that are slow to query.

FIXED: A video performance issue when running Fade cues created in QLab 3 that were imported or copy/pasted into QLab 4.

FIXED: A crash when attempting to query the size of a Syphon output.